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rice weevils..GET THEM OUT!

you open the container holding your stock of rice and what do you see but tiny, black specks crawling all over the grains..these crawlies have been feasting on the grains for goodness knows how long, and before you realize the extent of harm it’s been wreaking, millions of eggs have already been laid, waiting for that right time to hatch, like teeny ticking bombs, to send off even more teeny soldiers to wreak even more havoc than their predecessors have caused..

yeah..brutal, ain’t it? but that’s the reality that’s been going on since the dawn of time..

evil black weevils (photo taken from image bank)

and i, like everyone else (well, maybe except the folks over in Biology Labs) loathe these rice weevils to bits..i hate them so much, i would and could set a whole mound of live ones ablaze if i act on my feelings for them..just to watch them wriggle in pain will make my day even sweeter than it already is..

and how can we not hate these bugs? they feast on our rice stock, coring holes through the grains while doing so, leaving the grains hollowed out clean..and what do we get to enjoy after they’re done? yeah..’leftover’ rice, to put it simply..

i’ve tried so many methods to get rid of these evil weevils..placing pieces of dried chillies, cloves, screwpine leaves in the rice..all to no avail..imagine the number of heart breaks i went through when i thought i saw the last of them after each method, only to discover that they’re invincible..

i cried myself to sleep (nah..just exaggerating..)..i banged my forehead against the kitchen wall (again, in the mood for exaggeration..)..i almost threw out a whole container of rice out of exasperation (this one, NOT an exaggeration..)..

i almost gave up on the never-ending battle..UNTIL one very fine day, i read a very interesting article in an online forum somewhere on the best possible way to rid our peaceful lives in the kitchen of these pests..for good..i swear i could see sparkly bursts of fireworks lighting up my dimly lit kitchen..

and that method is……………

rice container in freezer~

placing the container of rice in the freezer for at least 4 hours straight..or overnight, for best guaranteed, GUARANTEED..G.U.A.R.A.N.T.E.E.D~ abso-freakin’-lutely..

yeah..i know..who would’ve thought of it? if i could get hold of that kind samaritan’s contact details, i would’ve sent him/her a shipload of fresh flowers to express my gratitude..

ever since i found out about this method, i’ve been practicing it every single time i buy a new pack of know, just to nip the problem in the bud before it spreads like wildfire or even gets the chance to start..pour the rice into a container, chuck it into the freezer overnight..

do NOT use the fridge DOES NOT work..believe me, i tried..all it did was put the bugs to sleep..and once the rice is thawed out, these crawlies wake up out of their deep chilled sleep, and crawl about, as alive as before..the temperature of the fridge is not deathly cold enough..only the freezing below zero temperature can kill these, DO NOT place the container in the fridge..remember that..fridge – NO NO..freezer – NOD NOD (that means YES YES..duh~)..

out of the ‘killing chambers’

the next day, take the container out of the freezer and leave it out in room temperature to thaw completely, lid ajar to prevent condensation INSIDE the container..

after about an hour or two, get ready a metal sieve/strainer..the sieve should be the kind with holes big enough, but not too big until rice grains can fall right through..make sure it’s wiped dry..

rice in metal strainer/sieve

at the sink, pour some of the rice into the sieve..shake the sieve, toss the rice, whatever it takes..the dead (YIPPEEEE~!) weevils, eggs and dust will fall through the sieve right into the sink..

free of dead bugs~

repeat this step for the remaining rice, until it’s all clean and free of dead bugs, eggs and all..then, turn on the tap and the ‘dirt’ will flow away into the drain, the dark abyss of Bye Bye Land..

pour the clean rice grains into a clean container..and store it as you usually would store your rice stock..

and that’s it~ clean, bug-free rice for a happy, stress-free home~  =D

p.s / though, i’m sure there are some of you who already know about this method..just thought this is a great tip to share~  =)





One comment on “rice weevils..GET THEM OUT!

  1. Anonymous
    Thursday ~ January 5, 2012

    to share with you the method to ‘chase away’ the rice weevil that is somehow become a little talk around, the idea is puting stainless steel spoon in the rice

    I’m not responsible for its effectiveness, but you can try next time you happen to experience with those creatures. I know how horrible it feels!


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